Saturday, December 7, 2013

Several Times In The Last Week

Several Times In The Last Week

Maybe we should make this poem into a song –

How does this refrain sound, for I know it as a

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has
been running through the streets trying to find

And several times in the last week, God Himself
has come to my door –
asking for your address

wanting the beautiful warmth of your heart’s fire.

            This poem is delighting, recall the Rumi quote: “What you seek is seeking you.” Hafiz tells us that happiness is coming for us, that it’s hunting us down, and that God Himself wants to draw near. I take this to mean that you’re never alone when two of the top forces in the universe are seeking you.

Here’s a great article to reflect on about writing: The Daily Routine of Great Minds

Enjoy this sweet Christmas tune, Snowed In, by a new artist Mindy Smith:

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