Friday, December 13, 2013

All Shape Would Collapse

All Shape Would Collapse 

How many times a paw touched the earth today
I know. I watched and counted them 
and almost lost my mind in ectasy. 

The body of everything I became 
and now am when God and I 
kissed so deeply one night. 

Anything's hunt for food I know, I share.
Your breathing draws me in and out.
All beings' joys and fears I comprehend. 

Something we call God I move with.
Without me all shape would collapse. 
It is true I hold you up. 

Existence's cane is my love. 
If I were summoned to a court 
and accused of being deluded, 

I could supply all the evidence needed
to show all I say is not false. 
and so could you, inside your soul. 

                       Hafiz was a spiritual soul who could really envision his own likeness in every creature. This is a powerful trait few are capable of. Last night, my sister shared the following quote with me, and it made me think that perhaps we don't even comprehend our own likeness as well as we should: "You have only seen yourself two times, taking a picture and looking at the image and staring in the mirror and looking at your reflection. You don't get to see the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. You can never see how beautiful you look when you spontaneously smile. You never witness the in-between moments that make me love you. Yes, it's really kind of sad, that you've never actually seen yourself."

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