Monday, August 11, 2014

Who Could Read All This?

Who Could Read All This?

To God, there is never a question 
of giving or not giving 

God's mercy is a natural reflex;
moreover it is just there. 
It is like the water in a lake -
a fish should never ask permission 
to drink or be alive in. 

As much thought as a fish would give 
to any needed divine sanction to move 
his fins or paddle in the Ocean,
so is there a proportionate suffering 
meant to correct any misconceiving notions 
you harbor about Truth. 

I don't want to explain this any further
Mercy and Grace are just there;
they are attributes of light,
they want nothing but to be. 

              Today, as we morn the passing of Robin Williams, I would like to add that just as grace and mercy simply are, so is laughter. The quote his I most enjoy is, "Comedy is acting out optimism." Indeed, it is, comedy nourishes the soul. 

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