Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hearing Someone Laugh

Hearing Someone Laugh

Have you ever felt jealous hearing someone laugh? 
And then began to think to yourself,

"Why am I so caught in the world's snare? 
Why don't I know right now the freedom
in other voices when their spirit like an
arrow takes flight above the hour's concern?"

But the heart's laughter is never there to taunt,
real laughter is a waving, a beckoning, a message,
a willing call to all that says,

"Come here, we're having fun!" 

        I absolutely love the idea that laughter is when "the spirit, like an arrow, takes flight above the hour's concern". It's such a peaceful verse to meditate on, the comfort that we can rise above our troubles for a few seconds and forget as our soul takes delight. It's also uplifting to hear that laughter is "an invitation to others".
        Take a listen to this uplifting tune:

You Put This Love In My Heart (1977), Keith Green

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