Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Hundred Wonderful Gifts

A Hundred Wonderful Gifts

The words of a true teacher can bring 
to my mind and soul
such nourishment and life,

like the way the valleys of the earth cup
their hands for light and drink;

like the way the desert opens up its sweet mouth,
and laughs, when someone melts pearls in the sky,
and rain, rain returns like a divine lover;

with a hundred wonderful gifts. 

        What would your 100 wonderful gifts be? Family? Friends? Kindness? Laughter? Dessert? A smile? A sunrise? A snowstorm? Another interesting question is "What has been your most meaningful purchase under $100?" I've always liked this question because it forces people to think of meaningful purchases apart from their home, their car, their vacation to XYZ, etc.

My List (2001), Toby Keith

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