Friday, August 15, 2014

Everything I Have Is Also Yours

Everything I Have Is Also Yours

There are so many gifts still unopened from your soul's birthday.
There are so many hand-crafted presents 
that have been sent into your life by God. 

The Beloved does not mind repeating: 
"Everything I have is also yours." 

A lover is a vital performance, 
a sweet breath in one of Creation's favorite songs. 

       There’s something to be said about gifts from our Beloved, and how much they can mean to us. The transient gifts, the new shirt, the better shoes, will fade with time. But what about love letters? About sweet nothings whispered to our soul? About moonlight and sunrises shared in deep embrace? These things have enduring power, they make us feel wanted, needed even. Is it because they take more effort than a glance? An offer for a drink? A quick drop of cash at the local store? With letters, is it because we can revisit their words as many times as we want and treasure the creases we form in our favorite spots? Or is it just because a letter about someone’s love for us touches us in the innermost part, where we are deeply human? Where we yearn to be touched by all souls who find common ground with our own?
        Take a listen to this incredibly beautiful love song.

Love, Me (1991), Collin Raye

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