Saturday, August 2, 2014

It Happens All The Time In Heaven

It Happens All The Time In Heaven

It happens all the time in heaven,
and someday, 
it will begin to happen again on earth - 

that men and women who are married
and men and men who are lovers,
and women and women who give each other light, 

often will get down on their knees,
and while so tenderly holding their lover's hand,

with tear-filled eyes, will sincerely say,
"My dear, how can I be more loving to you?" 

          I love this poem! I love that Hafiz included all forms of love and lovers, which must have been difficult to do in his day. I love that because any Love that doesn't conform with a societal norm, meet parental expectations, etc. will be confronted and challenged. Hafiz is saying that love is so great and so abundant in Heaven, but one day on Earth we will again find that love triumphs and that all people are serving it as the greatest good. This is a poem about hope and the "little wonders" (see below song) between lovers while so tenderly holding hands.

Little Wonders (2009), Rob Thomas 

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  1. neglected the last line

    How can I be more kind?