Saturday, August 23, 2014

Everyone Should Be Honored Like This

Everyone Should Be Honored Like This

When people come to my house for the first time,
I will kneel before them and ask for their hand,
and place the back of it against my forehead. 

Everyone should be honored like this.
What else can make you grow? 

I am one of God's pillars in this world,
I must extend His Love, carry out His Wish. 

And what of those for whom it would be best 
if they did not see me humbly before them - 
on my knees, until they are ready? 

Well, at night in my prayers, 
I place my head upon their feet. 

        Yesterday I head a truly inspiring story, and am proud to call this man my friend. You can read it here: Kidney Donation. After an amazing act of grace, kindness, selflessness, and brotherly love, Michael was still willing to give up the glory to God. How many of us would donate a kidney to man we just met? How many of us would eagerly defer the gratitude away from ourselves? It literally leaves me speechless.

One Thing Remains (2010)Jesus Culture 

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