Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Kind of Thirst

Some Kind of Thirst

Need brings us together; that makes need sacred. 
If a person did not have some kind of thirst,
would she ever approach you on her own? 

Would his eye ever ask your eye for comfort? 
Would his hand ever want to hold yours? 

The oasis does not sleep; it is always open;
its very being invites one close;
anything you want from its body, it will say, 
why not? 

Though surely amongst us there should be limits
for a while, so that the well can continue to give. 
Nevertheless, become an oasis for all things,
for the finite is merely a tree growing into the infinite. 

            It's true that this need for another person draws us to the one we will eventually spend the rest of our lives with. We may notice her smile, his eyes, her beauty, his wealth, her humor, his goofiness, and after we fall in love, after their hand becomes a resting place for our own, we learn even more. We learn why love songs are written, and why couples dance their hearts out to them. We learn why kissing is one of the most beautiful of human acts. We learn just how much is at stake when a heart is under threat of being broken. And we learn why people stay awake late at night thinking about that someone.

She's Everything (2009), Brad Paisley

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