Monday, February 17, 2014

If A Mouth Thunders

If A Mouth Thunders 

The way my hands can get along with each other,
I now get along with one and all.

Standing in a fierce lightening storm,
I look around and see I am the highest object on the hill 

Though having become one with the sky,
why would I ever strike myself?
What do I fear from anything? 

If any mouth thunders, 
that sound becomes sweet. 

All rain and hail is very welcomed upon me. 

             This writing reminds me of Walt Whitman's writings because of Hafiz's reference to nature and natural forces. Whitman often discussed this and the interconnectivity of all things. Here's a quote from his poem Thoughts: "I see the road continued, and the journey ever continued; …and of persons arrived at high positions, ceremonies, wealth, scholarships, and the like; to me, all that those persons have arrived at, sinks away from them, except as it results to their Souls. And often, to me, those men and women pass unwittingly the true realities of life, and go toward false realities…of what I write from myself as if that were not the resum√© of Histories - as if here…in words…were not the amount of all nations, and of all the lives of heroes." 

The Riddle (2006), Five for Fighting 

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