Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Distance Yields

Distance Yields

It knew it had no chance. Distance yielded.

Like two opponents meeting and one seeing
it was easily ten times more powerful than the other,

My love has become like that:
Ten times the strength of anything that might ever think
to war with me.
And any words shaped like arrows,
what are they to someone my size?

Distance yields. I guess there are two ways of
sayying this.
One is:  Something will grow in your future.
And that is true.

The other is:  All surrender to the truly alive heart. 

              Live for the passions of your heart and the decisions that arise from goodness. "Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben" means "Reverence for Life", a concept that Albert Schweitzer said develops from the observation of the world around us. In 'Civilization and Ethics' he expressed this in these words: "Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life." On Sunday, November 17, 1907, at the morning service at St. Nicolai’s Church he preached a sermon with the same title. In it, he said: "A man and a woman who love each other have not experienced everything together in life unless, looking at each other, these questions have occurred to each: What would become of you without me? And what would become of me without you?"

               Wow, that is very deep.

Only Time (2000), Enya

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