Thursday, February 6, 2014



If you were near darling,
I could kiss you in a way 
you would feel was perfect,

so perfect it would then protect you
from other kisses
that really did not mean it. 

             Real love is a marathon with a runner's spirit, it's not for those who want too many water breaks or won't show up if it is raining. Sure, those others will have love, of some degree, a momentary flame, but not real love. Real love requires as much courage as it does vulnerability, the understanding you will be pried open and broken down. Any why not? What else is worth preparing for? In the wonderful wordpress blog Real True Love (seriously, it is full of gems), the author writes: "And in the final analysis, what else is there really to live for? On your deathbed or when you get the cancer scare or when you have the car accident or brush with death, what will you be wishing for—aside from more time? Search your heart, sound out your depths, for the answer. And in all likelihood the answer will be more love. To have another who loves you deeply and truly, someone who knows you fully and fearlessly, someone who loves you with a lot of grit and strength and determination and understanding. And you will want to have those around you who you have loved similarly and deeply. What you will want is to love and be loved, to be surrounded by real love, and not the counterfeit stuff that is easily shaken."

I'm Yours (2008), The Script 

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