Thursday, March 27, 2014

When I Am Close

Your heart cannot be alone when I am close. 

       "If you were to hear me imitating Pavarotti in the shower every morning, you would know how much you have changed my life." - Robert Phillips, from The Changed Man

      While to girls there may only be one way to say "I love you" (the direct three-word way), poetry knows it in many ways and that's one one of the many reasons why I love poetry. What does it mean to wake up singing? To wake up singing one of the best opera vocalists of all time? And all because of you?
        In an interview by the Poetry Foundation, they asked poet, Ben Kopel, what a poem was and he said "A love song. Aren't they all in some way?"

What Is True 
by Ben Kopel

one must be one
to ever be two

and if you
were a day

I'd find a way

to live
through you

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (2010), Death Cab For Cutie

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