Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Fine Moments

"I feel I should say something positive about human lips: I had some fine moments with them, we tried, we embraced, we tangoed from different angles...but I like my affections and investments of time to be appreciated enough on an ongoing basis."

      If you move on from someone it is often an even more difficult decision when the realization dawns on you that they no longer have a role in your life. They can't be your close confident or your friend, certainly not your lover or who you go home to. And this can be a fine realization, a welcomed change, if it is what you want. The pain comes when it's the last thing you expected and when you thought your love was everlasting. The pain can even manifest if you feel like it could have or should have had a different ending. If only they had said "I love you" more often, or wanted children, or appreciated classical music, or dreamed of the intangibles as much as they did their physical possesssions.
       Even years into a relationship, with rings on your fingers and children in your arms, when the could haves or should haves no longer have a place to be questioned, only a precious few have more to say than "something positive about human lips". Precious few allow beyond wondrous loving words to leave their own pair, like "You are God's gift to in my life...makes this life magical."
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (1992), Patty Smyth

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