Thursday, October 24, 2013

These Candles, Our Bodies

These Candles, Our Bodies

These candles, our bodies, see how they burn.

How many hours will they last – days, months, years?

Look at the warmth and comfort we can give
to each other or to anything that comes close.

One of the components of lasting art is a spirit
flame within the created

that can ignite inspiration and hope, and survive
time’s ways.

          Hafiz, by likening our body to a candle, believes in our inner light. We shine and we can burn brighter by connecting with those who fan our flames. If we can kindle our spirit flame within, we can leave a legacy to the world. Great art (poetry, music, paintings, etc.) often does survive far beyond the time and land in which it was created. Just that thought is inspiring, but often times the works themselves imbue an additional awakening to those who view them.

         Below is a painting by Akiane Kramarik called “Dancing Against Time” (2012). Akiane is considered a child prodigy in visual art and says the inspiration for her art comes from her dreams from God and her observations of people. About her work she says: “I have the same goal with each painting: for it to be inspiration for others and a gift to God. Above all, I want people to find hope in my paintings.”

Dancing Against Time, Akiane Kramarik 

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