Friday, October 25, 2013

That Believe in Gravity

That Believe in Gravity

The wind and I could come by and carry
you the last part of your journey, if you
became light enough,

by just letting go of a few more things you
are clinging to…that still believe in

          Hafiz’s message, albeit conveyed beautifully, is simple. Let go of whatever is weighing you down. Let go of whatever negative energy is keeping you from achieving your full potential. Let go of whatever prevents you from soaring.

          A story that reminds me of this is one I heard while watching the medical show Hopkins. Dr. Q came to America as a migrant farm worker, then attended Harvard Medical School. The same hands that picked strawberries for $3.35 per hour now operate on some of the most complicated brain tumors at Johns Hopkins University. If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count; there is no gravity.

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