Thursday, September 4, 2014

Offering Something

Everyone is holding out their hands, offering something. How much easier would the world be to live in if we were as kind and accepted it all? 

          As many children around the United States start school today, kindness is an important lesson to promote. It doesn't take much for someone to feel left out, but it also doesn't take much to include someone and make them feel welcome.
         Something that stood out to me today is 10 Of The Most Dangerous Journies To School Around The World, we really should take a moment and reflect on the great lengths some children travel just to get an education.
         On a happier note, in spring of 2015 MIT will now offer a Reddit course.

 A group of Sri Lankan schoolgirls crossing a plank across Galle Fort 
(July 8, 2009) 

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