Monday, September 8, 2014

Maybe Even Propose To

Whatever or whoever might help you say, "Things aren't so bad..." keep around, maybe even propose to. 

              I really love this line about whoever in your life reminds you of your blessings, keep around. In Yeats' poem, featured below, he pens "I bring you with reverent hands the books of my numberless dreams". That's what a lover should do, remind you of the infinite pages and chapters on which you will write the story of your life.
                 If you are looking for a very romantic trip and live near the Philadelphia area, I recommend checking out this incredible tour the Love Letter Train Tour. You can watch an NBC commentary on it here.

A Poet to his Beloved 
(1899) by W.B. Yeats 

I bring you with reverent hands 
The books of my numberless dreams; 
White woman that passion has worn 
As the tide wears the dove-gray sands, 
And with heart more old than the horn 5
That is brimmed from the pale fire of time: 
White woman with numberless dreams 
I bring you my passionate rhyme. 

Love Letter Train Tour by Mural Arts and Stephen Powers

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